Ways to take care of your voice

For many people, they deem their voices as a precious gift sent from above. Especially, performers who have angelic voices are really the ones very thankful for how they sound. As a I have encountered different people, I have seen a lot of ways on how people are becoming appreciative of what they have and how these people also show that they love their voices so much. Because of this, they present some ways on how one can take care of his or her voice. Here are some of his tips:
-This is important to people who are talking all day because of their jobs, examples are teachers. These people have to talk all day as part of their job. In order to avoid damage on your throat and on your voice, make sure to have quiet periods throughout the day.
-It would be too easy for your vocal chords to tear apart of you are going to talk above loud backgrounds. If what you would say is not as important then might as well wait for the noise to be silenced then talks.
-If you are the type of a person who screams and shouts when you are angry, then you have to consider undergoing counseling or therapy. It is not healthy to convert you anger into screams.
-Spicy foods can cause laryngeal irritation. I would make you feel uncomfortable and it is kind of painful in the throat.
-We all know that this would damage the entire health of a person but smoking and drinking would further affect how the voice responds. The voice would be irritated and damaged once a person does not stop these vices.
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Tips to improve your public speaking technique

Many people who are not good in articulating their messages in an intimate communication are the ones who cannot open their mouths during public speaking. For them, it is too hard to a face a huge pool of people who are listening to you. Most of the time, they are also the one who have stage frights. What we do is that ask another person to finish his or her job. Why does it seem that public speaking is such a hard thing to do? People would agree that they find public speaking a bit hard because they cannot keep themselves confident while doing it. The key to public speaking is confidence and trust on the message that you want to convey. Practice is the most important part. It doesn't matter if you are doing public speaking in Oklahoma City, garage door repair in Tulsa, or playing the piano at home, you must practice practice practice. Here are some of the tips you have to know when you are in a public speaking:
  1. ANXIOUSNESS IS NORMAL BUT YOU JUST NEED TO PRACTICE MORE AND WORRY LESS -It is normal that you feel anxiety and nervousness. The only way to conquer them is to make yourself be prepared of your speech. And if you are prepared, then you would be able to tell yourself that you can make it and you don’t have to worry so much.

  2. STUDY YOUR AUDIENCE -Before you begin your public speaking, make sure that you really know who the people are listening to you. Finding out what it is that should make them listen will help you preserve their attention.

  3. WATCH FOR THE FEEDBACK AND ADAPT YOURSELF -You can sometimes base your performance to the physical reactions of the audience. You can gauge their actions and from there, you can tell if you did good or not so much.

  4. USE STORIES TO TELL HUMOR AND EFFECTIVE LANGUAGE -Make your speech as relatable as possible. Use a perfect language that would fit the message that you want to convey. You can consider a language effective if it simplifies the message that you want to send. You are effectively using the language you chose if it helps the audience understand the piece with clarity.

  5. DO NON-VERBAL GESTURES EFFECTIVELY -Do not move your hands and change your voice without any reason. This will confuse a lot of your readers. The best thing to do is to make sure that you are maintaining eye contact with them and keep on focusing with the message you want to deliver. You don’t have to move your hands regularly especially if there is no reason to do that at all.

  6. MAKE AN ATTENTION-GRABBER BEGINNING AND A STUNNING ENDING -Aim for your people to give you their attention on the first sentence of your speech. You have to get their attention by this time or deem your speech as ineffective already. Make your lead static and alive to get the attention of most people. Then leave a stunning remark as an ending. Your ending should make the audience feel that they are really involved in your topic and that they have to say their piece before it’s too late.
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A couple of weeks ago I became obsessed with this planner. I randomly saw it on someone’s Instagram feed and I really had to have it. Unfortunately for me it was sold out everywhere and I wasn’t going to pay $50+ on eBay because, come on, NOPE. So I decided to poke around the internets and see if I could find something else I liked. I came across Mochi Things, the BEST and MOST DANGEROUS stationary website ever. I spent more than I intended because, duh, stationary supplies, but ended up with a bunch of super cute planner supplies and a pretty sweet planner. I apologize in advance for blowing your allowance.
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