Pinterest Recipe: S’mores Pie

August 5, 2011 , In: food, pinterest, recipe


And now, another edition of Pinterest Recipes.  I saw this recipe for S’mores Pie and HAD to try it.  Thing is, it was a bit more labor intensive than I wanted and I didn’t have half the ingredients needed. BLAST! What I did have in my cupboard was a ready made graham cracker crust, some chocolate pudding mix and mini marshmallows.

I made the pudding with skim milk to reduce the fat/calories and poured it in the crust.  Once it had set a little bit i put the oven on broil and poured about a third of a bag of mini marshmallows over the top.  I broiled the thing for maybe a minute or so watching it the whole time.  Actually the first time i put it in the broiler i walked away for maybe 2 minutes and the whole thing caught on fire!  I scraped the burnt mallows off the top and tried again, and it turned out much better 😉  I let it cool then stuck it in the fridge.
It was pretty delicious though a bit sweet for my taste…

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    I’ve totally done that too, left the broiler for a few minutes and set fire to what I was cooking. That pie looks delicious, but I bet it would be sweet.

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    Wow, that looks amazing – I can imagine how rich and sweet it must have been. I love s’mores, so I might have to try making it!

    I’m honestly afraid to use my broiler because of instances like that (I had a near-fire with Panko bread crumb topping on a casserole once)! I’ve also had several nightmares that my pup Winnie jumped on/into the oven, and it was so traumatic that I refuse to even open it when she’s in the room for fear of the nightmare coming true!

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    *GASP* It looks AMAZING. I wish I could eat gluten :(

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