Communicate Personally

I’ve read a lot of articles about communication and one of these helpful sources is the one that my friend sent to me. We all know how much communication is really important in our daily lives. This is why not only we need to study and master it, we need a regular practice as well.  

People nowadays seemed to forget the importance of face-to-face communication. They are already more comfortable in using technology, so they rely on this as a medium to talk to others instead of communicating in person. For instance, we depend on emails to correspond with a customer who can give the highest cash offerusing for the property we are selling when we can create more connections by talking to them personally. This can pose a problem especially since not talking in person could sometimes cause misunderstanding.  

I’ve known a friend of mine who wasn’t used to talking to people face to face unless they are close to her. This is not a good thing and it makes a significant impact on his life later on. She became so shy and less confident because he doesn’t know how to deal with people. She was so used to using chat applications whenever she talks to others, that she depends on this heavily. Even during family affairs and celebration, she doesn’t know how to reach out to others.  

Honestly, the advancement in technology made it easier to communicate. This is why it’s quite ironic how this also hindered our way of developing a relationship through communication. We could always chat, text or email someone, but honestly, talking to them using these options doesn’t really give off our real emotions and feelings when talking. The outcome was a bit bland and impersonal. Plus, since we do not know the innate emotions involved during a conversation over a gadget, there is a possibility that we can take their ‘texts’ or ‘chats’ in a different way. 

A joke, for example, could be taken seriously when we don’t see their faces while we are having a conversation. That means that instead of strengthening our ties with these people, we are actually ruining them. Like my friend, if we get used to only using chats or texts and emails, we might find it uncomfortable to start a conversion to other people face to face, and that can cause a serious problem in the future. We can’t just avoid personal interaction with others all the time. So, we need to regularly practice our communication skills so that we can avoid this awkward instances. It doesn’t need to be big, but even a simple hello can help if we do it every day. 

If you already have a problem with communication, then you can start lessening this by looking for a loved one or a friend who can help. You can also try to go out more often, meet new people in especially during gatherings, and many other places. Try to talk and let yourself express more if you know you need to work on it. Be sure that you practice good communication skills because this will be very helpful and useful especially in the future.